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Technical Data HT500

Hardware revision v1.4.x

General / Dimensions / Weights

Housing aluminum-profile framework
acrylic glass
integrated LED lighting
Positioning system extruder head mounted on belt driven H-frame (X/Y-axis)
screw driven print table (Z-axis)
semi-automatic three-point print bed leveling
3D printing technology Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
Length 800mm
Width 600mm
Height 800mm
Weight 49kg (empty)
Connection cable 1.000mm w. Schuko plug and IEC connector
Network Ethernet 10/100, RJ45


Extrusion temperature max. +500°C
Print bed temperature max. +130°C
Print chamber temperature max. +70°C

Hot ends

Screwable M6 brass nozzles A/F8
(included in delivery)
Bore diameter
Recommended layer height
First layer / following
2×0.25 0.25 / 0.10 - 0.20
2×0.35¹ 0.35 / 0.10 - 0.28
1×0.50² 0.50 / 0.20 - 0.40
1×0.75 0.60 / 0.25 - 0.60

¹ Installed on the left hot end at delivery and preset in the Slic3r profiles available at the GitHub repository for single and dual extruder prints.
² Installed on the right hot end at delivery and preset in the Slic3r profiles available at the GitHub repository for support material in dual extruder prints.


Print volume 200x185x280mm (10.4 liter)
Extruder head dual extruder with two separate extruder nozzles for multi-colored and/or multi-material printing
Print bed exchangeable 210x210mm PEI/glass fabric/carbon composite sheet
Minimum layer resolution 0.1mm
Positioning accuracy ±0.1mm
Approx. Tolerance ±0.2mm


Printable materials ABS, PLA, HIPS, PVA, PC, PA12, PET
Filament diameter 2.85±0.1mm
Available filament qty. 0.75kg spool (200x55mm)
2.30kg spool (296x100mm)

Power and Electronics

Power consumption (total) approx. 800W
Power supply unit 1050W, 100 … 240V(AC) input
with power plug and main switch
12V(DC) connector panel
Drives 3x 1.2A stepper motor (XYZ positioning drives)
2x 1.2A planetary gear drive stepper motor (extruder drives)
Positioning step-width axes X=0.028mm
Hot ends 12V, 40W integrated heating element per hot end
Print bed heating 170W wired silicone heating pad
Chamber heating 4x 170W heating resistor (two per heating element)
Chamber lighting 2x 4W LED array, 6.500K
Stand-alone operating module integrated capacitive 10” touchscreen controller
Integrated computer UDOO Quad Single Board Computer (Quad core 1GHz CPU)
Machine control RADDS v1.5 3D Printer Driver Shield
Load switching 3x High Current Solid State Relais
Fans 3x 119x119x25mm, 12V, 140m³/h axial fan
(heat chamber circulation and cooling system)
1x 80x80x25, 12V, 33m³/h axial fan (air filter)


Limit switch
H-frame (X/Y) and print table (Z)
magnetic hall endstops
Filament end recognition mechanic limit switch
Temperature sensors
hot ends
800°C thermocouple
Temperature sensors
print table, print chamber
300°C thermistors

Closed loop water cooling system

Pump 12V(DC) circulation pump with integrated compensation reservoir
Throughput approx. 210l/h
Radiator 120mm full copper radiator
Fan see electronics
Hose diameter G1/4”
Coolant Innovatek Protect IP ready-to-use
Coolant qty. approx. 250ml

Air filter

Air filter fan duct with exchangeable activated charcoal container
Fan see electronics
Filling 10g, Ø4mm activated charcoal granules

Ambient conditions

Operating temperature +18°C … +27°C
Storage temperature +5°C … +35°C
Rel. air humidity max. 70%
Setup site no excessive formation of dust (e.g. near woodworks, CNC machining centers)
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