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The Kühling&Kühling VP75 Additive Manufacturing System

Welcome to the operating manual for the VP75 Additive Manufacturing System of the Kühling&Kühling GmbH (in the following referred to as Kühling&Kühling).
The VP75 Additive Manufacturing System (in the following referred to as VP75 or machine) is a fully automatic stand-alone device for Fused-Filament-Fabrication (FFF) in a lab or commercial environment.
Any information needed for installing and commissioning, operating, troubleshooting, maintenance and repair of the machine are described in the following paragraphs and the accompanying sites.
This user's manual must be read thoroughly as it is meant to provide the operator with all information needed to operate the VP75 safely and reasonably. Please always provide access to the website for any user of the Additive Manufacturing System in case of questions or problems.

About this manual

In this online version of the VP75 operating manual you will find special phrasing and symbols to help you navigate in order to understand your product better.

If you prefer having a printed version at hand, use the “Export to PDF” button on the right hand side of the screen.
To navigate through this manual, use the chapter list on the Start Page, the Table of Contents in each chapter and the links provided in the text.
If there are additional information of related interest in a chapter, these are provided as buttons at the end of a chapter, headed “Further information”.
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Content of special interest is represented by its formatting. Safety information are placed at the beginning of the respective chapter and/or just before the relevant step of action.


This box gives you additional information about a topic, tipps and tricks or reminders.


This box states possible machine damage and information about

  • mandatory behaviour,
  • correct procedures and
  • methods of avoiding.


This box states possible personal damage of minor effects (e.g. cuts, bruises, light burns) and information about

  • mandatory behaviour,
  • correct procedures and
  • methods of avoiding.


This box states possible personal damage of major and possibly lasting effects (e.g. crushing injuries, deep cuts, caustic burns, intoxication) and information about

  • mandatory behaviour,
  • correct procedures and
  • methods of avoiding.


This box states mortal peril (e.g. electric shock) and information about

  • mandatory behaviour,
  • correct procedures and
  • methods of avoiding.

Signs on the machine

Type plate

Number of revision from until
v1.0.x 12-2016 current

On the type plate at the rear side of the VP75 you find all information to precisely identify your Additive Manufacturing System.The valid hardware revision is also displayed on the [Setup] menu of the operating screen.
Please provide the serial number and the hardware revision when contacting us for technical support.

Type plate on the rear side.
1 Serial number
2 Date of manufacturing
3 Hardware Revision

Intended use

The VP75 Additive Manufacturing System has been designed and built for manufacturing three-dimensional workpieces of nearly random geometries from common 1.75 mm thermoplastic filament strands.
The machine features an advanced hot-end geometry with an extrusion temperature up to 500°C. In combination with the heated build chamber (up to 80°C) and the heated built plate (up to 150°C), this makes the VP75 suitable for processing a variety of materials. It is therefor capable of performing regular additive manufacturing tasks with standard thermoplastics as well as special jobs with technical plastics.
Contact Kühling&Kühling for more detailed information on available and applicable materials.

The VP75 is intended for industrial and commercial use. It is not valid for the operation in an explosive atmosphere.
Observing this manual and adhering to the stated information is part of the proper operation.
Improper operation of the VP75 can lead to hazardous situations.
It is forbidden to operate the machine under conditions and for purposes other than stated in this manual.

Operating the VP75 is forbidden under the following circumstances:

  • The VP75 is used for a purpose not designated, with unspecified materials or out of its operating range in any other way.
  • Mechanical parts or parts of the electrical equipment are damaged or the insulation is defective.
  • The VP75 does not function flawlessly.
  • Mechanical components or the control system have been inexpertly altered or reconstructed.
  • Operating parameter have been altered inadmissibly.
  • Use of unspecified tools.
  • Failure to regularly perform the prescribed maintenance work.

Warranty terms

The general terms and conditions of Kühling&Kühling GmbH apply. The customer is familiar with these terms latest on the day of signing the purchase contract.

The warranty terms and the liability period can be found in the contract documents and in the order confirmation.

Warranty claims and liability are voided in one or more of the following applies:

  • unintended use of the VP75
  • operation beyond the specified operating parameters
  • false setup, commissioning, operation repair or maintenance
  • operating the machine with defective, missing, improperly installed and/or malfunctioning equipment
  • unauthorized or inadmissible alteration of the electrical or mechanical equipment or the operating parameters of the system.
  • use of other than the specified replacement parts, tools, and/or operating materials
  • exceeding the specified maintenance intervals
  • cases of disaster and force majeure


Any structural alteration of the VP75 not agreed upon with and approved in writing by Kühling&Kühling render the warranty and the EU Declaration of Conformity void and free Kühling&Kühling from product liability. Even if approved, alterations have to be carried out by the customer thoroughly and properly. If necessary, adequate safety devices have to be installed.

Ordering wear and spare parts and material

Parts of the VP75 are subject to wear and must be replaced in the specified intervals or on demand. Regularly check these components as stated in the maintenance manual and replace them if required.
Using the VP75 with worn parts is forbidden and frees Kühling&Kühling from liability.
Wear parts must meet the technical specifications defined by Kühling&Kühling. Kühling&Kühling original parts are subject to rigid requirements and meet these standards.
Contact for complete list of available wear and spare parts.

Further information
Maintenance manual


Kühling&Kühling GmbH
Christiansprieß 30
24159 Kiel
Phone.: +49 (0) 431 98 35 24 73

VAT Reg.No.: DE305873054
Local Court: Kiel
Commercial Register No.: 17 535
WEEE-Reg.-No.: DE 11304600

Managing Directors
Jonas Kühling
Simon Kühling
Karsten Wenige

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